Strive for Zero Waste

Conservation & Sustainability

Awareness and education are important steps we need to take in achieving Zero Waste. A recycling program can be successful if the generators of the waste are knowledgeable on how to divert the waste from ending up in a landfill.

To spread awareness, WasteCo will work with community programs and provide workshops on recycling. We will also facilitate tours of our recycling facilities, and give expert advice and ideas in bringing recycling programs to your next event.

WasteCo aims to:

  1. Be a front-runner and enabler in recycling education projects and promoting zero waste across the areas that we provide our services to.
  2. Help and give support to the community with a plan focused on recycling, creation of jobs, and the values that we stand for.
  3. Pass along our culture and what the company stands for to each of the communities where we do business.

A Future with Zero Waste

Our clients can have their peace of mind knowing we consistently recycle the materials that we collect. Recycling returns useful materials to the community, gives back to the economy, and saves valuable landfill space. By partnering with us, we help you in your recycling challenge and in return, you are able to join in our environmentally safe and responsible recycling solutions.

We can all make a difference. And by recycling, we prevent the need to consume and produce waste and we help preserve natural resources.